Niteesh Kumar Nominated as District chairman of Jahanabad Esate Nirman Nigam {ENN}

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Niteesh Kumar becomes District chairman of Jahanabad, Bihar unit of E- State Nirman Nigam

Mr. Niteesh Kumar is Nominated as District chairman of Jahanabad Unit

E – State Nirman Nigam has Nominated to Mr. Niteesh Kumar as District chairman of Jahanabad

Niteesh Kumar District chairman of Jahanabad District of Bihar

District chairman of Jahanabad Estate Nirman Nigam


Sri Niteesh Kumar Jahanabad District chairman of Estate Nirman Nigam Jahanabad unit of Bihar

Mr Niteesh Kumar has been nominated as Distinct chairman of Jahanabad District of E-state Nirman Nigam from Bihar.
Mr Niteesh Kumar is a very popular name in the field of Social work and He is known for Laborious and honest social workers in the era of Bihar. He has been serving the society with his wife Mrs Kalpana Singh since 2010 in the field of poverty education and unemployment , He was born in Village Dhannadihari Jahanabad District of Bihar on 5 May 1980 , He is only son of his father sri Umesh prasad, his primary education has been completed in his village after ward he has gone to Patna for preparation of medical entrance examination and after ward Maharashtra for completion of B.vs Degree but due to some unavoidable cercomestanses he has dropped his vetenory bachalor education, presently he lives in Patna with his three children and wife. He is a full time social worker. Honestly say that Mr. Niteesh Kumar has played a useful role in society.

His social worker journey is a very appreciative and struggling journey but he is facing all the problems with full confidence and all the family members have supported him in all stages specially his wife Mrs Kalpana Singh,

His working area is all the village of Jahanabad District, he is traveling all Days in Jahanabad from patna for his social work activities, he has served many people of the society for a better tomorrow.

Manny Manny congratulations to Mr. Niteesh Kumar the New District chairman of Jahanabad.

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